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9ft Soft-top Stormblade Surfboard

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Our 2020 9ft surfboard template has been developed and refined over time through top shapers year after year. Through the fruits of testing and labor Storm Blade surfboards have spawned shapes that work. Increased volume, rounded rails, and progressive outlines make this collection absolutely fun to learn or push the limits on expressive surfing. The key has been our dedication to a refined construction technology and a continuous realtime innovative approach to details that matter to surfers. This 2020 model features a single 9in OA center slot box and 2 sets of closing plugs that can fit (not included) any bolt-thru fins for an upgrade option in performance.

Weight: 15.4lbs
Dimensions: 9' L x 24" W x 3.54" T / 102 L
• Superior Thermofused Core
• 5mm EBS™ Extruded Barrier Skin Deck
• 3x Marine-Ply Stringers
• HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) High Impact Bottom
• 2x Closing plugs w 1x 9in OA Bolt Thru Slot Box with 7.5” Classic Single fin
• Bolt thru Leash Plug
• Water-resistant silica rings

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